Elizabeth Bathory : Blood and Vengeance

by Oh Man! Oh God!

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The mirror tells it all, it shows you what you are
How many times you break it, still reflect the ugly you
The beast that you've become, monster beneath that mask
Destroying what you fancy, devouring what you love!

My fair lady, drowned in vanity
No escape in this sea of suffering. SWIM!

Drown in your own vain-glory.
You will never be the queen.
Of the hearts of these crazed men.

She lead an army of bitches and fucking whores(Blinded by glamour)
With powdered faces and false hopes
Wishing to wear the crown someday
She lead an army of sinners and murderers(high on the pedestal)

Her beauty, blinding me
Her malice, killing me

On a night like this, she goes out alone.
Drag the sweetest fruit, back to her abode.
Slowly, took a bite, off the virgin's lips
Leeching off the beauty, or what that could have been

Dear girl lend an ear.
Far away you go.
She's searching for your blood
Searching for you love

Blood Countess of the west, look at me
Do you seek the truth? Let it be.
Your sins may never be forgiven.
Your time has come, now then sleep.

Feed knowledge to your heads before you dress up!

Play in, play out
Lights are all over your face
Bite in, bite out
Lips are turning to gray


Your sins may never be forgiven
Your time has come, now go to sleep

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, who's the fairest of them all?

Vanity, the knife you slowly stab your heart with.
Unlovely hearts disfigured feelings.

Your beauty will never save you.


released October 31, 2013



all rights reserved


Oh Man! Oh God! Manila, Philippines

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